How You Got Here

About ArtsyPumpkin


I’m thrilled that everyone that purchases an Artsy Pumpkin work of art or gift item knows they are getting a unique piece sure to bring joy to their every day life.

~ DiEtte Henderson
Artsy Pumpkin founder & designer

Before I created Artsy Pumpkin I only created art for myself and immediate family. 

Then one day a friend asked if I could make something special for her new baby’s nursery.  After that, her friend asked if I could create a fun coffee mug design for her best friend.  There seemed to be a real need for unique decor and gift items and I was up for the challenge.
I was worried that I couldn’t create works of art that people would like but I soon found I had a knack for creating fun unique designs that I could even personalize to match my customer’s décor and personality. 
I set out to create artful, unique and fun home décor and gift items that people could enjoy for many years to come and gift to their friends and family. 

I once had a customer say to me “Your art makes me happy and I thank you for it”.  

What can I create for you?